Shuttle bus Cesky Krumlov - Timetable - Last Minute Shuttles

Current timetable for shuttle bus transportation from/to Cesky Krumlov.

  • There aren't all possible rides. There are only rides which some travellers already booked and confirmed.
  • If you book a ride in the list below, you'll pay the lowest price possible.
  • But if you want a shuttle bus / car transport to another place or in another time, please contact us.

Current time: 07:55, Monday 20 May, 2019.

Prices are per 1 person.

Regular Price Price Now
Prague20 May 201908:00Český Krumlov20 May 201910:003870 CZK690 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov21 May 201907:00Prague21 May 201909:004870 CZK490 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov21 May 201908:00Prague21 May 201910:004870 CZK500 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov22 May 201914:30Vienna22 May 201917:004890 CZK790 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov22 May 201914:30Linz22 May 201915:306420 CZK390 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov22 May 201914:30Melk22 May 201915:304890 CZK690 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov22 May 201918:00Prague22 May 201920:304890 CZK690 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov23 May 201907:30Salzburg23 May 201909:308870 CZK690 CZKBook it
Hallstatt25 May 201908:00Český Krumlov25 May 201910:308870 CZK870 CZKBook it
Salzburg25 May 201909:00Hallstatt25 May 201910:008690 CZK670 CZKBook it
Salzburg25 May 201909:00Český Krumlov25 May 201911:308870 CZK790 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov1 June 201905:30Salzburg1 June 201907:304870 CZK690 CZKBook it
Hallstatt1 June 201909:30Salzburg1 June 201910:304690 CZK680 CZKBook it
Hallstatt1 June 201909:30Český Krumlov1 June 201911:304870 CZK790 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov3 June 201905:30Salzburg3 June 201907:306870 CZK490 CZKBook it
Hallstatt3 June 201910:00Salzburg3 June 201911:004690 CZK680 CZKBook it
Salzburg3 June 201911:30Hallstatt3 June 201912:306690 CZK680 CZKBook it
Vienna4 June 201912:00Linz4 June 201913:3041090 CZK500 CZKBook it
Vienna4 June 201912:00Český Krumlov4 June 201914:304890 CZK790 CZKBook it
Prague5 June 201920:00Český Krumlov5 June 201922:006870 CZK490 CZKBook it
Prague5 June 201920:00Český Krumlov5 June 201922:004870 CZK490 CZKBook it
Prague8 June 201909:00Český Krumlov8 June 201911:004870 CZK690 CZKBook it
Vienna8 June 201912:30Český Krumlov8 June 201915:004890 CZK790 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov13 June 201908:00Prague13 June 201910:004870 CZK690 CZKBook it
Prague16 June 201918:00Český Krumlov16 June 201920:004870 CZK490 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov20 June 201900:00Vienna20 June 201920:006890 CZK712 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov20 June 201907:00Vienna20 June 201909:004890 CZK790 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov23 June 201917:30Hallstatt23 June 201919:306870 CZK790 CZKBook it
Salzburg23 June 201918:00Hallstatt23 June 201919:004690 CZK680 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov25 June 201910:30Vienna25 June 201913:004890 CZK790 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov8 July 201906:00Vienna8 July 201908:308890 CZK690 CZKBook it
Český Krumlov9 July 201907:00Prague9 July 201909:304870 CZK690 CZKBook it
Hallstatt9 July 201916:00Český Krumlov9 July 201918:004870 CZK790 CZKBook it
Salzburg9 July 201917:00Český Krumlov9 July 201919:004870 CZK790 CZKBook it

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